Siobhan Smythe

Cop between two worlds



High Concept: Cop between two worlds
Trouble: On a mission to find my dad’s murderer
Other Aspect: I followed Duncan into hell

Refresh: 2


Average (+1) Flair
Fair (+2) Focus
Mediocre (+0) Force
Good (+3) Guile
Fair (+2) Haste
Average (+1) Intellect


  • Backup: While in good standing with your organization, once per session you can request backup, equipment, access, or protection (either political or physical) from your organization. is aid takes the form of a minor NPC to help in a scene, free success at an overcome roll, or an advantage with two invokes. At the GM’s discretion, you may use this stunt an additional time per session and mark Warned.
  • Firearms Training: Pick one of your approaches (Haste). When you attack with a firearm using that approach, gain +1.
  • Unseelie magic: You may cast evocations (page 140) that fit the nature of Winter: death, slumber, ice. All Unseelie magic has a cold ambiance, even if its connection to Winter is metaphorical. is magic is ultimately sponsored by the Winter Queens, and using it in a manner counter to their agenda may mark you as an enemy to Winter. You use these as actions with your normal approaches, in any combination. The GM may assign scale (page 182) to your action.
  • Superior Recovery: Once per session, you may treat a sticky condition reflecting physical injury as if it were fleeting.


Stress: [][][][][]
Indebted [][][][][]
Called (sticky) [][][][][]
Warned (fleeting) []
Suspended (sticky) []
In Peril (4, sticky) []
Doomed (6, lasting) []


Siobhan Smythe

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