Jakob Silbermann "The Hunter"

Ageing Veteran Monster Hunter


High Concept: Ageing Veteran Monster Hunter
Trouble: I’m Getting Too Old For This Sh*t
Other: 1. Sometimes the Old Ways Are the Best Ways

Monster Hunter (p.130); White Council Virgin: Malvora Clan (p. 156)

Flair +0
Focus +2
Force +1
Guile +2
Haste +1
Intellect +3

Countermeasures: Once per session, you may declare that you happen to have a countermeasure on hand that nullifies the effect of scale (page 182) from a supernatural condition or stunt for the current scene. At the GM’s discretion, this stunt can also nullify other effects of supernatural powers, such as by avoiding a soulgaze or seeing through a glamour. (p. 130)

Hunters Network: You associate with a loose confederation of hunters who trade rumors and update each other. Once per session when you are In Pursuit, you may succeed automatically at an overcome roll to find information about your quarry. If this information can be expressed as an advantage, you get an aspect with two free invokes as well. (p. 130)

Off the Grid: You have no permanent home or identity within the system. Once per scenario, you can immediately recover from a sticky condition, provided the condition results from trouble with the law or society at large. (p. 131)

Vampiric Toughness: Mark one box of Hungry to absorb two shifts from a physical attack.
(p. 165)

Vampire Heritage
In Pursuit

Refresh: 3


Jakob was born a White Council Virgin in the mid 1840s and has been hunting monsters so long he became known, and feared, as ‘The Hunter’… Except he has recently tired of the title and begun to reclaim his old name.

He continues the Hunt, because it’s all he knows, but the years are beginning to get to him.

Jakob Silbermann "The Hunter"

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